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Hőgyész Anna

I absolutely love them ❤️

This modern and everyday earrings for women are one of a kind and made without repetition.
Made of raw, organic texture silver with elegant white touch.
They are not plain but consisting of two parts giving them thick, rich dimension.
Geometric earrings in a form of circle, come with silver backs.

Elegant piece of modern jewellery as modern accessory (not only) for everyday wear.
They are comfortable and light, noticeable with perfect match with any outfit.
Minimalist silver jewellery with with sophisticated touch.

❤ Size: around 20 mm in diameter
❤ Handcrafted silver earrings
❤ arrive in black elegant Gift Box

Wear with care, thank you!

All mentioned jewellery from silver, brass and copper is handcrafted with inspiration, moment and story.

Every single piece has been uniquely designed.