Big Bold Statement Artisan Contemporary Brooch


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This is one of a kind, unique and modern brooch made without repetition.
One of among few brooches as a part of a collection called "insights" and won "Arts and Crafts Merit Award 2018."

This statement big brooch is made of brass in hollow form therefore light despite the it's size and volume.
It's surface is coloured in baby blue colour and decorated with a few plastic dots coloured with baby pink colour. The needle on the back is also handcrafted made of firm steel wire in order to wear it on coats and other strong, tights fibres and materials.

"Insight" brooch is 8 * 3 * 2 cm and weights 24,6 gr.
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All mentioned jewelry from silver, brass and copper is handcrafted with inspiration, moment and story and that's why each item has name.

Every single piece has been uniquely designed.