About me

Behind "notAjewelry" stands Petra Podnarčuk.

Used to be graphic designer who is always searching for better, therefore enrolled the course of making jewelry. Since then, making jewelry is my passion and profession.

As a contemporary jewelry artist I mostly create with silver, copper, steel, brass and iron in combination with wood, wool, plastic, colours, found objects or fabric. I like to add that jewelry is my diary expressed with metal words not only as wearable art.

My creations as well as objects, miniatures and installations are inspired by daily experiences, sublimating moments and memories. Therefore each piece has it's story and name. 

I have participated on several jewelry exhibitions abroad (France, Yugoslavia, Hungary, New York) as well as 3 solo exhibitions in Croatia.
Winner of "Merit Award" and "Certificate of Excellence" from Arts&Crafts Design Award.

I am member of ULUPUH and HZSU - Croatian association of artists and applied art / Section for contemporary and art jewellery.
Leave and work in Zagreb.


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